Embark is help for high school seniors, college students, and any one starting their first few careers who want a personal travel guide to take them on seven journeys of travel to explore a world of ideas and advice built just for them – from thought leaders and cool programs at top universities, corporations, business consultants, and life coaches through a completely free program of personalized success training for work, family, and life.

Traveler Itinerary:

Embark on a six-month journey to explore new ideas, meet new people, and learn how to achieve your success at school, at work, in relationships, in personal growth, and in life.

Concierge Travel:

We’ll match you with your own personal Embark Travel Guide to accompany you on our 7 Journeys – they’ll get you off to a good start on each trip, answer any of your questions along the way, help you overcome roadblocks, and de-brief with you after every trip. They will help you remotely via phone conference call or Skype. They are your own travel concierge.

Sites You’ll See:

  • Learn all about your own personality and values from awesome online tools– from 16 Personalities and Value Inventory
  • Interview new people with interesting ideas and jobs you might want to explore
  • Get a mentor, life coach, or personal guide
  • Lead a team in a service project sponsored by Foundation Outreach International
  • Discover your own Financial Empowerment with help from Bank of America
  • Designing Your Life with help from Stanford University School of Engineering
  • Read a New York Times Best Selling book
  • Practice job interview questions
  • Learn the habits of Highly Effective people
  • Bring it all together in a Life Success Plan
  • You can preview your trips here.

Things You’ll Need:

The program is totally free to you. Many generous people and corporations have funded the program through FOI – so you can explore your future success. You simply need to sign up, and commit to helping yourself by making the most of program. Do the readings, do the activities. Take notes – write down questions and review your feedback with your Travel Guide. Make the most of the opportunities.

What Next:

Complete and submit a Traveler application. We will then match you with a Travel Guide and send you your Travel Planner, a collection of your Embark materials. Your Planner will contain all instructions on how to contact your Travel Guide and start your journey. Your Travel Guide will help you launch each trip – which typically takes about a month to complete – then you review your travels with your Guide before starting your next journey. The program is designed to last six months, but travel at your own pace. And remember – try new things and have fun!

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