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Welcome to the website for Foundation Outreach International (FOI)! This website will introduce everyone to our nonprofit, established as a humanitarian and charitable organization.

Foundation Outreach International is not new. FOI was established in 2010 as International Ambassador Outreach (IAO) for the specific purpose of assisting individuals in Latin America in crisis. After specific goals were accomplished, the founders of IAO expanded their scope to other areas of the world while remaining consistent with their original mission statement. A new board, new officers, and a new name were all adopted in the past few months; and we are now happy to put the renewed organization forward for your review and participation.

The new Board for FOI has a long history of managing humanitarian projects in different parts of the world, from the Middle East to Asia to the Philippines to Latin America to the Caribbean and throughout Africa. We are targeting a diverse group of humanitarian and youth leadership educational programs globally. In the past, these

projects have included an archaeological project in Israel, an educational project in Zambia, a scholarship program in the Philippines and summer camps in the Caribbean, just to name a few.

We hope you will enjoy following us on our webpage and that you will consider supporting and even participating in one of our many projects. Our intent is to fund our projects without assistance from a church. We suggest that any donations to FOI be above and beyond what one might contribute to a church organization to perform its work.

FOI currently has no salaried employees. Our projects will be staffed by volunteer personnel, but the leadership has extensive experience in international service. We are seeking mostly young adults for our volunteers, but opportunities are available to whoever has the desire to serve others.

We hope you are willing to get involved and support our efforts. Please check out our new projects on a regular basis. They will be listed on this webpage. You can come here and get involved by volunteering to help on one of our projects or you may choose to get involved by making a donation or you may want to help organize a fundraiser for one of our projects. Our purpose is to provide an avenue for people to get involved in some manner with our humanitarian projects. For those who choose to get directly involved, we believe the experience will be life-changing!

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We are a nonprofit organization dedicated to a world of good. We support teaching, education, community development, and service projects globally.

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